IACBT aims to bring together everyone interested or engaged in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in India on a common platform so as to systematise and further develop Practice, Training and Research in this field. We hope to bring about a successful cross-fertilisation of the knowledge base, expertise and resources of the Eastern and Western CBT Therapists in order to create awareness of the importance of mental health and to provide accessible, efficient and effective mental health interventions based in the Cognitive Behavioural Framework.

The IACBT aims to create a network or well-trained and efficient CBT therapists who can then supervise and train the next generation of therapists for improving the dismal mental health scenario in the country. We also aim to develop a research base of CBT in India through utilisation of valuable Indigenous concepts of mental health as well as training existing practitioners towards better documentation and systematisation. This website hopes to serve as a useful resource for sufferers and helpers of mental illness and also for the larger public interested and ever searching for paths to wellness.