FAQs (Regarding IACBT Membership and services)

How do I join IACBT?

The membership of the IACBT is open to professionals (i.e., practitioners, academicians, trainers, researchers) and students from such disciplines as Psychology, Psychiatry, Child Development, and Social Work in addition to institutions/corporates; whose area of work as well as professional interests are conducive to the objects of the Association and have implications for furthering them. New members can join using Online Application.

How much does membership cost?

Membership cost varies as per category (i.e., professional, associate member, student, life member, foreign affiliate, corporate). For further details please Click Here.

What are the benefits of joining IACBT?

IACBT provides the largest professional network of especially CBT / REBT psychotherapists, counsellors, trainers, researchers and students In India where one can stay updated on the latest CBT related happenings and events and share own work, experiences and concerns related to CBT practice. For more benefits, please Click Here.

How can I stay updated with the upcoming events or conferences of IACBT?

Please check our website for updated information or connect with us through facebook...look for IACBT...its a public goup.

I need CBT training / supervision...what is the procedure to apply?

Please write to us at iacbtmembers@gmail.com

I am a patient and have been prescribed CBT...where can I find a trained therapist?

Refer to our Therapist directory on our website or write in to iacbtmembers@gmail.com